Michele Bachmann has just confirmed what we already knew. Despite all their big talk, John Boehner and the rest of the RINOs have no intentions of fighting Obama’s destruction of  our constitution. They are going to fold on this just like they did with Obamacare.

BooHoo BoehnerOnce again half of the nation is without representation. We elect these RINOs and then they turn up their noses and do the bidding of the Chamber Of Commerce.

I agree with Michele — MELT DOWN THEIR FREAKING PHONE LINES — and if there is any way you can make it, JOIN HER RALLY AT THE CAPITAL BUILDING.

(BREITBART) Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn) revealed on Saturday that Republican leadership, led by Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Oh), has no intention of resisting President Obama’s executive amnesty that he ordered on Thursday.

Breitbart News Executive Chairman Steven K. Bannon asked the congresswoman, who was a guest on Breitbart News Saturday Sirius XM Patriot channel 125, “Has there been any firm commitment from the leadership of the Republican party saying that this amnesty is not going to happen?” Bachmann replied with a question, “Do you want the truth? Okay, I’ll tell all of Breitbart listeners what happened this week. I was floored!”

In the weekly meeting called “Republican Conference” in the House of Representatives, “we all knew that the big issue for the week was going to be the president announcing his amnesty,” she explained. Bachmann recounted that all of the leadership went to the microphone, including John Boehner.

“They acted as though the amnesty issue wasn’t even an issue. They said that the President is going to do what he’s going to do, and we are not going to get down in the mud with him. We are not going to engage, and what we are going to do is to talk about our positive solutions on jobs, the economy, education, and manufacturing,” Bachmann said.

She added that each congressman who spoke reiterated that not engaging Obama and staying positive was a “brilliant strategy.”

“We will not engage,” she reiterated with disgust.

Bachmann, who was elected to Congress in 2006 and is ending her service this year, is stupefied by the Republican leadership not taking action or having a plan. “While the country is talking about amnesty, and the president is taking unconstitutional actions, our leadership wants to change the subject and not engage,” she said.

Bannon said he was “stunned” that, on the walk-up to a day that is going to go down as “one of the most important days in constitutional history,” there was no pre existing plan or course of action by the GOP. The Congresswoman asserts that Boehner and the leadership “think that the smarter strategy is to not engage.”

Earlier in the broadcast, co-host and Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow said that, after reading Breitbart News’ report on Friday about Republicans flying out of town after Obama’s speech without devising a plan, is evidence that “the Republican establishment doesn’t care about Obama passing executive amnesty.”



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#Ferguson Eye Witness Intimidation: Chilling Details

The official transcript of the Ferguson Grand Jury continues to be fascinating as I chug my way past the 20% reading mark.

A portion of the current eye witness testimony before me, that of Interview #4 taken on September 17 , was particularly engaging however.

The reason? It shows in visceral detail some of the explicit and coordinated efforts to physically intimidate eye witnesses from speaking with law enforcement, and how genuinely frightened these efforts made those witnesses.

I’ve reproduced the relevant section of Interview #4 below, and the entire length of that interview is embedded at the bottom of this post. (This

Read more here: Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion

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Over Half of Voters Want a Return to Grammar Schools

A new poll has revealed the overwhelming popularity of selective education of the type all but outlawed in the last century in the United Kingdom, news which will surely worry Tory and UKIP strategists alike.

The YouGov poll, which recorded the answers of British adults on Monday and Tuesday this week found 54 percent were in favour of opening new grammars, while only 23 percent objected. An even greater proportion, two thirds of adults would send their children to a grammar despite not wishing to build more, reports The Times.

In a strange irony, the establishment of new

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BLACK FRIDAY BEATDOWN: Girls Brawl In UK Mall Over Cheap Panties (Video)

hot sales

It must be Black Friday because the ladies are brawling over cheap undies.

A girl’s gotta have her discount panties.

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Is Your College Meeting Expectations on the Court?

The following is an alphabetical list of all 351 college teams with their conference, current rating at, and then a grade of 0-10 on if they have lived up to their expectations so far. Most teams are doing about as well as expected (a “5”), but eight teams get a “10” for far exceeding expectations are Villanova and Creighton of the Big East and Oklahoma State, Michigan State, Miami, Wichita State, New Mexico State and San Diego State.

The current ratings were compared to their projected ratings at The ratings below were also used to

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St. Louis Alderman Antonio French says things got out of hand when Louis Head yelled ‘burn this bitch down’

St. Louis Alderman Antonio French says things got out of hand when Louis Head yelled 'burn this bitch down'

St. Louis Alderman Antonio French wouldn’t come out and directly say it. But he kind of suggested that Louis Head’s yelling ‘burn this bitch down’ after the non-indictment of Darren Wilson came out sparked the Ferguson riots on Monday. That left dozes of businesses burned, looted and destroyed. French said things got out of hand when Louis Head yelled ‘burn this bitch down’

He was expressing a sentiment that a lot of folks in that crowd felt and when he said those words, though, the mood did change and things got a little bit out of control,”

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Roseanne Barr Twitter Meltdown: Tweets Mutilated Face, Blames Bill Cosby

Controversial comedienne and actress Roseanne Barr, infamous for pushing jokes beyond the limits of decency, tweeted a photo of her mutilated face early Wednesday, insinuating she had “tussled” with Bill Cosby.

Barr’s joke apparently wasn’t as well received as she’d hoped, and the tweet was soon deleted. Luckily, someone was generous enough to screenshot it.

Soon after the tweet disappeared, Barr promptly replaced it with another. The same photo was uploaded, only this time captioned with:

“Got a chemical peel to look more sexier. Joked about

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Before there was #Ferguson, there was #Occupy

The Ferguson protesters have proven themselves to be destructive, violent, and completely uninterested in anything having to do with “justice.” Not only are they okay with this assessment—they’re completely proud of it.

In fact, they’re beginning to look an awful lot like another “justice movement” we got to know quite well a few years back.

Back in August, an enterprising writer over at Buzzfeed engaged in some solid journalism and noticed that the Ferguson protests—namely, the evolving encampments were beginning to look a little like the Occupy Wall Street protests:

As the marches in Ferguson grow

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Oh, boy! Pentagon cozies up to transgender troops

transgender-bathroom (2)

A new report from a think tank that promotes transgenderism has revealed that the U.S. military has dropped a standard that until recently put transgender individuals on an automatic course that resulted in their dismissal from the ranks.

And the report’s message is in its title, “Military services have failed to comply with new Defense Department rules on transgender personnel.”

The report by Diane Mazur of the Palm Center said the Department of Defense on Aug. 5, 2014, “issued a new regulation that weakens the prohibition against transgender personnel in military service and requires reassessment of the policy.”

The report said even

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My Thanksgiving thanks

Thanks to many for making this Thanksgiving so meaningful.

This is not an exhaustive list, but it’s a good start:

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Burger King employee finds $100,00 and does the right thing with it

One Burger King employee found a back pack with $100,000 in it, but instead of remaining quiet, he called the cops.

“I’ve been in this country for 26 years, and I worked two jobs for 15 years…so I’m a hard working guy and I don’t wnat this money that maybe belongs to somebody,” he told WSB.

Read more here: Rare

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